100 Burpees, Squats, Push Ups A Day Challenge, Should You?

100 Challenge

Last 2-3 months we were holding our breaths and waiting everything to be turn to normal. Most gyms were closed, and I saw so many WeChat groups popping up like 100 Burpees/Squats/Push Ups a Day Challenge. All those group chats created with good intentions to get people moving, and I think that’s great. However it is not really good idea to do those kinda challenges when you have not been active for so long.

I’m not gonna be your dad and tell you not do it, but I can tell you why it’s not a good idea to do them and if you want to do it (I think if you are thinking, you should) how to do them (dare I say it); in a better and safer way.

Why It Is Not A Good Idea to These Challenge s?

You have been sitting around and not doing much or maybe you have been doing some but nothing close this and now you are planning to do 100 burpees/push up/squats a day. That’s like getting into a ring with someone who has been practicing MMA as long as they can remember, sure you might get lucky and land a good punch and win but we both know that’s not gonna happen.

Since you don’t have the work capacity, your form is gonna suck after X amount of reps. Even if you had 20 shitty form a day, that will rack up to 600 shitty burpee/squat/push up in a month (let’s be honest who is doing a good burpee to begin with). The pressure you are putting in wrong places will accumulate really quick since you are doing some many reps. There is a big chance you will get hurt somewhere and dreams of getting of shape will have to wait for another time.

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How to do 100 Burpees/Squat/Push Up Challenges Safely?

Depends on where you are at physically it might take you to couple weeks to be ready for these challenges.

Before The Challenge

  • Work on your form! You might think you know all about them, what’s so hard to do burpees/push up/squats anyway?! Less than optimal form wouldn’t not be big of problem if you weren’t doing that many reps. You will end up doing 3000 reps! One of the common mistakes I see when people are doing burpees or push up after couple reps when they are lifting themselves up from the floor they tend to lift their upper body first and then lower body, that creates excessive low back arch, and puts a pressure on the lower back. Make sure you are keeping the plank position all the time. I would suggest you to remove the push up from burpees; just like this.
  • Get ready for the challenge and start slow. Start with 20 reps a day for the first week, second week 35 reps a day, third week 50 reps a day. 4th week go ahead start your challenge! 

During The Challenge

  • Don’t rush it. Ideally you are beating your previous time each session (that won’t happen all the time), but start slow, even if you are beating your previous session time by 10 secs, you are still beating!
  • Break it down. Split into sets; don’t try to do 100 at once. You can do 10 sets of 10 reps, or 5 sets of 20 reps. Start with small sets like; 10 reps, try to add 1 rep to your sets each session.
  • Make sure your form is perfect. Be honest with yourself when it comes to your form. If you feel like your form is breaking take a rest.
  • Split into sessions. Let’s say you know you are not 100% ready for this challenge but you still want to do it. Split into 2/3 sessions; Morning and Evening Session, 50 reps each session.

Finally instead of doing 100 burpees/pushups/squats a day for a month, you can try a little bit more sensible approach, and do this challenge.

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