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Finally we’re rolling our online training content. We have to admit that recording and editing video content was way harder than we anticipated. To make things easier, we’ll include scale up/down versions of each exercises. We’ll try to customize workouts according to the equipment you have at home. (We do advice you to get at least two different size of kettlebells and TRX (would cost less than 300 yuan). Please contact us before your purchase, so that we can guide you about what size kettlebell you should get. If you don’t buy it, you can do the scale down version of the movements.)

We’ll roll 3 online training videos each week. They will be published at Monday/Wednesday/Friday around 12AM (GMT+8 (Shanghai time)) on our website. Links will be send to you via WeChat or email, so that when you wake up you will be able to watch these workout videos in the morning before you go to work.

We are experiencing this online training with you. If you have any questions or feedbacks about the workout, do not hesitate to contact Mekki through WeChat. That we can improve our online content.

To start your online membership, visit our WeChat mini-app and purchase our 8 Weeks Online Package and we’ll get you started!

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