The Biggest Healthy Food Lies! Read the Nutrition Facts!

Dont forget to check nutrition facts of even healthy foods This has been bugging since I have started to check Nutrition Facts, in other words since I was 7 years old. I am diabetic, so didn’t really had a luxury of not checking Nutrition Facts. I quickly realized much of the products that are advertised healthy, was really not all that healthy. Sure these “healthy foods” might have more fibers or pieces of vegetables in them however they might even have more fat and carb content than your regular Oreos! The problem is even if you look at the Nutrition Facts, you might not even realize it because Nutrition Facts written for their portions, that “portion” could be anything they want. (The good thing is in China they can only write N.F for 100 gram portion). They choose their portion to make the calories/fat/carb content look as small as possible.


Reading the Nutrition Facts

“Healthy” Cereal Brands use this method, quick google research landed me on Special special k nutrition factsK’s website, I believe most people would consider Special K a healthy cereal. Let’s look at the N.F. Look at its portion size; 39 gram! No one eats 39 gram of special k, that’s so little! Their 39 gram portion size has 34 gram of carbs and 140 calories, most probably you will end up eating close to 100 gram to make you somewhat full. That will rack up to your carb intake 85 gram carbs/350 Calories, and I’m not including milk you will consume with.

Having a simple breakfast like two eggs (140 Calories), half of an avocado (150 Calories), two-three slice of toasted bread (120 calories), will keep you full longer and provide better nutrition with the same amount of calories.

Comparing Healthy Foods and Unhealthy Foods

I went to a supermarket to compare some of the nutrition facts of these “healthy” cookies and regular cookies. Calorie wise they are super close to each other and sometimes these “healthy” cookies have more carbs/fats/calories than regular Oreo!

Here is the table I created (You can see the pictures of these products below the article). Decide for yourself, if these products that are claimed “healthy” are really healthy.

healthy foods nutrition facts table

Surely Freshly Squeezed Juice has to be Healthy. Not so much!

Other thing is people tend to think freshly squeezed juices or detox drinks are healthy, sure one glass of orange juice has so much vitamin C in it (so much that you will probably pee it later on (since we can not store vitamin C in large amounts)) but also you are basically eating 5 to 8 oranges in one sit, well except the you are not really getting fibers. Would you eat 5 to 8 oranges in one sit? Probably not. (I’m not going to go into Detox Juices in this article, will definitely write a detailed one in the future.) A glass of orange juice and a glass of coke has almost same amount of calories and carbs.

Next time when you are at a supermarket, check the Nutrition Facts of the products you are buying and try to see for yourself that, are these self claimed healthy foods are really healthy. Some are actually healthy and most of them are far from it.

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