Small Things Matter: Holding Your Phone the Right Way

We publish an article last week about chicken neck (forward head posture) and how to fix it before (you can go through my history to find it), there are couple of common reason why people have this posture problem. One of the biggest one would be constant use of phone and computer. How do we set these devices up while using them plays a vital role when it comes to our posture.

Most of my clients tell me the way they use their phone has been bothering them, they could feel the tension on my neck after awhile. I suggest you to put your non dominant hand under your other arm’s elbow while using your phone. It might feel weird in the beginning but you get used to it by time. It definitely takes the pressure from neck, helps to keep the head up. These kinda small things effects our posture more than we think.

Also please stop looking down when you are walking! You could do so many stretches, corrective exercises to correct your chicken neck posture but if you are constantly looking down while using your phone or walking, it won’t help as quick as you want to, so start fixing these small things first.

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