Keeping it Healthy During Coronavirus Quarantine

Healthy Grocery Shopping

In these times, most of us spending time at home more than ever, what we keep in the house becomes even more important.

We should make eating healthy convenient for ourself. Get what would you want to eat through out the week and keep it in your fridge, instead of cooking a meal at a time, cook for 2-3 meals. That way whenever you are hungry you have something healthy to eat. If not, ordering is so tempting, especially all the junk food in the world is only 30 minutes away.

Find Snacks and Sauces That Would Curve Your Cravings

I like crunchy stuff so rice cake and salsa dipping, cottage cheese, PB2 works for me. Keeping high calorie food at home doesn’t work for me because I literally have zero self-control. If I have some kinda junk food at home, I’ll finish it in mere minutes. Don’t forget to get bunch of low calorie sauces mayonnaise to hot sauces for your meals too.

​Be honest with yourself, be more mindful when you are shopping.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge. Still go out to eat and drink, but not keeping calorie dense food at home makes it more easy for most people stick to healthy food choices.

Keep things at home, it will help you with your goals. 

Just because you are at home, that doesn’t mean you can not get a good workout! You can check our Online Training Series to keep you active during quarantine!

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