How to Fix Forward Neck Problem?

Justin Bieber has Forward Neck Problem too!Forward neck is common problem, what is that mean? It means head is forward compare to body, body and head doesn’t align. Justin Bieber’s mugshot is great example!

Plenty of reason why that happens, the most common one is constant phone and computer usage. Since we are keep looking down, our muscles in front of our neck gets shorten/tighten and muscles in the back gets longer. That causes the problem.

How do we fix Forward Neck problem?

We have stretch the muscles in front, tighten/strengthen the muscles in the back.

I put a short instructional video of 3 exercises you can do, along with chin tucks.




Left top
Try to touch your shoulder with your ear, and then get your chin up, you will feel muscle stretch close to your gullet/middle of your neck.

Right Top
Look to side and push your head back, you will feel more on the side of neck.

Right top and left top are neck stretches, so you can perform them daily 2-3 times. Basically do them whenever you remember.

You can see I’m putting my hand on my opposite chest, the reason is, that way I can feel the stretch more. If you have no problem feeling the stretch, you don’t have to do it. After awhile of doing these stretches you might feel less in that case press your hand on your opposite chest.

The bottom
As I mentioned you want to strengthen/tighten the back of your neck, get a baseball/lacrosse/tennis ball put it on your neck, that will assure you are keeping the motion limited, put a light weight on your forehead, 1kg/2kg is fine. Get your head back (you can slightly go lower than I did in the video, start with short reps and increase range of motion by time) and forward, you will feel it immediately, do 10 reps at a time, work up to 3 sets. Take your time with reps. Everything should be slow and controlled. 6 to 10 sets a week would give great results.

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