Eating Healthy Doesn’t Guarantee Weight Loss

Let’s talk about how eating healthy doesn’t guarantee that you’ll lose weight.

Everything on this plate would be considered “healthy”, (also let’s not pretend there is only one “right” way to eat). Eggs, olives, whole wheat bread, avocado, and milk.

Even Eating Healthy, Still Portion Control is the Key

It’s whooping 1031 calories!

I’ll be honest it’s not a small plate, but definitely not huge either. It’s relatively healthy, but it’s pretty dense calorie wise.

I see people complaining all the time, “I eat healthy, but I can’t lose weight”, honest answer to that would be, “healthy or not you are still eating more than you burn”..

Portion control is the key!

You can check your calorie intake using apps like MyFitnessPal.

PS: I probably could have put more effort into making it look delicious, but why would I do that?!

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