Group Classes

Fit Monster Shanghai Semi Private Class
Fit Monster Shanghai Class Limit

Semi-Private Classes

Here at Fit Monster we bridged the gap between personal training and group class workouts by limiting our classes up to 6 people so each client can receive their customized workouts and the attentions they need! 
Fit Monster Shanghai Keeping Track of Your Progress

Keeping Track

We want to make sure every client is on the right track.
Our semi-private group classes allows us to keep track of your exercises to make sure that you are progressing. 

Get It Right!

Every exercise should serve a purpose, doing it for the sake of doing it, won’t give you the results you want. While we keep the variety up, we make sure every exercise has a reasoning behind it.

Fit Monster Shanghai Consolation


At Fit Monster, we are here to support your goals for a healthier life.
We’ll answer your every question, and concern, provide you with applicable options to the best of our knowledge.

Fit Monster Shanghai Come without a Bag

Come without a Bag

We provide everything you need; towels, water etc.

Don’t forget!  
 It’s not about getting tired, but it’s all about getting the results you want!